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  Sociology Study

Volume 3, Number 4, April 2013 (Serial Number 23)

ISSN:2159-5526(print) 2159-5534(online)
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Volume 3, Number 4, April 2013 (Serial Number 23)
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Continuous conflict has affected the migration of the Palestinians. Following the first exodus in 1948, they continued to migrate out of compulsion or for practical reasons. This paper clarifies the contemporary situation and perceptions of migration among the Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. Given the influence of regulations, this study situates those areas as part of the Israeli democratic system. Based on an original poll survey conducted in the summer of 2011, the analysis attempts to explain the relationship between migration and citizenship. People¡¯s migration is analyzed in relation to their different statuses as citizens. The variants of the statuses are considered to be a result of the system of stratified citizenship, and it is characterized as a component of the democratic system of Israel.

Palestine, Israel, stratified citizenship, migration, democracy


Tribal Councils as a Decision-Making Mechanism for Post-disaster Reconstructions: A Case Study of Ulaljuc

Chaohsing Huang, Paiteng Cheng, Hsin-Chieh Kao, Tjepelang Ruvaniyaw, Yuhsin Chen


Since the 1990s, indigenous people in Taiwan have engaged in tribal councils for the purpose of integrating the tribal authority and the modern administrative system. The establishment of tribal councils provides a communicative forum for tribal leaders, village, and the association of community development to make decisions of common tribal affairs. When disasters happen, the internal tribal response strategies and external assistance mechanisms might cooperate through either traditional or modern administrative systems. The research focused on how these organizations, while in interim housing, influenced the reconstruction and rehabilitation after disasters. The research¡¯s findings suggested that tribal councils, a pre-existing mechanism, seemed to be an appropriate forum for negotiation and decision-making for tribal affairs.

Interim housing, tribal council, post-disaster reconstruction


This research aimed to study on the people and the local government. The samples were 395 respondents over 18 years old, selected locally of Mahasarakham Municipality, Thailand. The research found that the level of knowledge, understanding, and attitudes toward civic rights and duties of administrative affairs was at a high level but participation in the local administration was rated at a low level. The relationship between knowledge, understanding, and attitudes toward civic rights and duties of administrative affairs of the community was positive correlated. The relationship between knowledge and understanding toward civic rights and duties and participation in the community administration and the relationship between attitudes toward civic rights and duties in administrative affairs and participation in the local government administration were not correlated. Some recommendations were the local government organizations should promote and provide more information to build the right understandings and improve good attitudes toward civic rights and duties in administrative affairs. Local administrators and local leaders should play an important role to advocate and encourage public opinions toward a political ideology to ensure the public mind and make the vision ¡°people-centered¡±. Most importantly, the State shall pursue directive principles of State policies in relation to public participation.

Administrative affairs, attitudes, civic rights and duties, participation


One of the collective phenomena that has allowed a theoretical debate on the social movements in the current context is the neo-Zapatista of Chiapas. From a discussion on some significant events and possible interpretations about their identities, strategies, demands and speeches, the aim is to place the movement in a structural dynamics that will acquire different views. In apparent confirmation of an ¡°identitarian community of resistance¡±, the neo-Zapatismo seems to move toward a new scenario, in which ¡°your chance¡± is configured from its structural flexibility and fluidity. In this way, the neo-Zapatista movement seems to confirm that the theoretical antinomies on the social movements relating to the American school, its emphasis on ¡°strategy¡± of collective actions, and the ones referring to the European version, emphasizing the dimension of ¡°identity¡±, cannot be considered completely contradictory. The neo-Zapatismo has shown that a particular strategy developed a specific corresponding identitarian construction, and vice versa.

Social movements, neo-Zapatismo, Chiapas, modernity, globalization


This article is a part of a descriptive survey which aims to characterize, classify, and compare the household production in the Municipality of Itapuranga, State of Goias, Brazil, considering the access to the National Program for Strengthening Family Agriculture (PRONAF) and its respective differentiation between beneficiary and non-beneficiary groups by the program. It applied the technique of group comparison analysis and frequency inquiry, taking into consideration several variables. Information about the origin, distribution and total income, food safety, land property, production diversification, expenditures and participation in social organizations were collected. The sample consisted of 70 producers, the calculation sample was defined by determined value at the confidence level of 90% whereas the sampling error of 7%. The results allowed describing, classifying, characterizing, and comparing the socio-economic and productive profile of farmers from that area and their access to PRONAF.

Agricultural funding, family agriculture, food safety, PRONAF, public policy


It may be argued that one of the recurring themes in the fiction of Toni Morrison is the problem of emotional suffering. Indeed, a line of her characters endure a series of traumatic past experiences, the consequences of which are strongly echoed in their present lives and often foreshadow their future. Thus, this article discusses some of the characteristic literary-fantastic manifestations of grief and grieving in Morrison¡¯s novels, seen as internal and external expressions of the protagonists¡¯ mental pain. First, the text outlines the major grief-generating conditions for Morrison¡¯s heroes in general, and then it focuses on the various modes in which their feelings of grief and grieving are communicated. Second, the study exposes the characters¡¯ psychological strife and the influence it exerts both on themselves and their surroundings. Third and last, the paper concludes with an attempt to establish some typical patterns of grief and grieving common to Morrison¡¯s fictional figures. In order to reflect a variety of grief-stricken individuals populating Morrison¡¯s world, the analysis examines a group of three female characters. Taken all together, the selected examples serve to exhibit the complexity of the problem in question, as well as to illustrate the different shades of human sorrow.

Grief, grieving, loss, Morrison, sorrow


This study deals with two novels of Eduar Al-Kharrat: Rama wal-Tinnin (Rama and the Dragon, 1979) and al-Zaman al-`Ākhar (The Other Time, 1985). The text in both novels is of the pluralist, polyphonic and modernistic type and the real and the imaginary are juxtaposed. The narrative imitates at its diverse levels the internal conflict, argument, and uncertainty of the protagonist Michael, who finally finds his self-realization in an imaginary time, ¡°the other time¡±, which is also the title of one of the novels. The present study focuses on the transformation and alternation of the perspectives and the narrative vision through the destruction of the narrator¡¯s identity and the text itself, the analysis of the narrative shift between the first and third person, the fragmentation of the self, the ambiguity of the signs, the severity of the crisis, and the psychological conflict at its diverse levels and multiplicities. Toward this plurality and shift, it is necessary to systematically depend upon what the theories of Bakhtin and Genette have to offer in order to cover the narrative levels and multiple voices prevailing in the texts.

Al-Kharrat, polyphonic, focalization, diegetic levels




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